You know these guys. Whether you've seen them in Tokyo, Toronto, Berlin or London, discovered them at Glastonbury or Ronnie Scott's, heard them on national or college radio, own a copy of "Small Town, Big Strides" or "Cry It All Out", or had the good fortune to make sweet love with one or all of them... you will have been struck by the unique goodness radiating from this stripped down badass three-piece. The jazz growl of the double bass, the funk twang of the drums, the blues guitar jangle and the wail of the harp.... Damn straight.

Prepare yourself for "Super Custom Limited". This new recording delves into and builds upon all that is greatly admired about Big Strides. They have peeled back the layers with uber producer Dan Swift to unveil an 11 track masterpiece that takes the best in Pop, Rock and Hip Hop and wraps it up to create a unique and completely pioneering sound. At once accessible, imaginative and profound.

Check out the videos, sample tracks from the cornucopia of their studio cuts, join them at a show near you, and open your ears, eyes and mind to the wonder that is Big Strides.

Let the music shoot into your mind, down every vein and electrify your soul, like the best you've ever had, and when you're thinking "holy shit, what just happened to my brain?", rewind it for another spin!